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Petbitat designer pet products - Designs for pets who appreciate design!


It is a well established fact that pets mirror the qualities of their owners. If that much is true, then it makes sense that your pet cat or dog does have as much taste in design and function as you do. It is high time you let your pet shine like you.

And that is where Petbitat comes in. Petbitat proudly offers you a select collection of designer dog beds, fashion dog collars, funky dog toys, stylish dog leads and more. Our canine accessory designs and dog items are all-original, all-functional and all-tasteful.


In fact, it is not just for dogs. We dare any cat not to resist a silent, comfortable sanctuary that is our fancy pet bed, complete with a matching set of sleek designer feeding bowls. For dogs, our fancy pet toy collection, designer leads, original dog collars, and designer pet clothing is the height of pet pampering.

Our latest collection highlights round acrylic dog beds for your beloved pet. These max comfort dog beds are sure to catch anyone’s attention- including your dog’s. We designed these luxury dog and cat beds to give you and your pet the peace of knowing your pet will be sleeping at its best while looking at its best.

We are people who adore our pets and give them importance, just like you do. That is why we understand your sense of style when it comes to your beloved pet cat or dog. Our pets are always with us- at home or at play, so their home should mirror our home, and their style should complement ours. The vision of our designer pet beds and designer dog accessory collection is exactly that- function, class, elegance and fun.


Petbitat’s designer dog accessories, luxury dog carriers, hip dog clothing, fancy pet collars and leashes come in a wide range of colors, design and sizes to fit your style every day, every night and every play. Petbitat's beds are available in a range of patterns and sizes to fit your dog or cat – while also fitting in just right with your style!


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